The battle rhyme underground burrow dwellers “The Tarantulas Music” created by The Radical Guessworks is brought to focus in the 2021 album titled Rhyme Bomb.   In this album The Radical Guessworks joined forces with Mental Wakeup Clan’s Dr. Max Stone to reveal what they called a “Genre for the Real Emcees.”  This album was an instant underground classic and was responsible for bringing the entire Rhyme Bomb movement along with its release on 3/3/21.  The 11 track album hits hard from start to finish and directly insulted / ripped apart the entire Hip Hop Music Industry.  The album blatantly aims for Rhyme Bomb (a declaration of Genre reserved for real emcees only) to replace the fakes and sellouts in the Hip Hop Industry of today.  This project was banned from mainstream social networks due to the track “SpyderNET” which Music Video targets Jeff Besos and Bill Gates as enemies of the people and some lyrics advocating lynching big tech icons.   There were also some tracks addressing Corona Virus lies, The Great Scamdemic and Satanic Ritual Abuse practiced amongst those cowards commonly called “El-Ites”.